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Culvert Pipe:
New & Used Steel Culvert Pipe

Culvert Pipe | Buy New & Used Steel Pipe for Culverts

Culvert pipe is a type of pipe that is commonly used in farming, residential and construction to guide drainage water and direct water flow. In certain instances, this pipe is also referred to as “flume pipe”, or “sluice pipe”. This pipe is often used in situations where water overflows need to be handled such as for rainwater runoff. Culvert pipe can also be used to carry water from one side of a roadway or obstacle to the other.

Culvert pipe can be used below roads, driveways, or railways. Culvert pipe is generally short in length and open at both ends. This pipe is durable and able to withstand substantial traffic loads. At Crestwood Tubulars, we supply a large selection of culvert pipe including both new and used steel pipe for use as culvert pipe. See our current pipe offerings or contact our steel pipe distribution company to learn about the types of culvert pipe that we currently have available.

About Culvert Pipe

Steel Culvert Pipe and Tubing

By definition, a culvert is simply a mechanism that directs water. Therefore, culvert pipe can be used in a number of applications to direct water as needed. For example, municipal sewage systems use culvert pipe to carry sewage and to direct overflow water during rainstorms. Water overflow culvert pipe is typically used to direct rainwater to temporary reservoirs until it can evaporate or be drained into natural lakes.

Steel Pipe for Use as Culvert

At Crestwood Tubulars, the primary product we use for culvert pipe is smooth walled steel pipe. The thicknesses of this pipe and the inherent strength of the steel pipe product offer an advantage over corrugated and concrete types of culvert pipe. The durable nature of our steel culvert pipe allows for a more aggressive use of the Culvert Pipe and a better longevity of the steel pipe for use as culvert. The steel pipe we at Crestwood Tubulars sells for culvert use is generally reconditioned used steel line pipe from gas and other transmission lines.

Buy New and Used Steel Culvert Pipe

As a leading pipe distributor, Crestwood Tubulars has a variety of types and sizes of culvert pipe available to customers. This new and used pipe is available in a variety of widths and lengths. Additionally, as with any of our new and used pipe products, we can cut your pipe order to meet your specifications before delivery. We obtain our new, surplus, and used pipe from our mill sources, through special connections with energy and utility companies throughout the country, and from surplus and obsolete inventories from contractors and manufacturers. Because of this, we are able to offer high quality culvert pipe at affordable prices. To find out our current surplus and used pipe inventory, to receive a quote for your pipe delivery, or simply to learn more about our pipe distribution company) please feel free to contact us online or by phone.

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