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Sluice Pipe:
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Sluice Pipe | Culvert Pipe for Road Drainage

Sluice Pipe is a type of culvert pipe that is used to carry or transport water under a driveway, road, or other obstacle. This can help prevent water from accumulating on road surfaces resulting in unsafe driving conditions and premature road deterioration. Sluice pipe is installed directly under the road surface during new road construction and road renovation projects.

The types of pipe that are most often used as sluice pipe include prime grade and secondary or used pipe with large inner diameters. This pipe is available in a variety of diameters and thicknesses for nearly any application. While sluice pipe (sometimes referred to as “flume pipe”, can be made out of several materials including steel, concrete, or plastic, the smooth walled steel pipe that is available from Crestwood Tubulars offers a distinct advantage over other types of sluice pipe because of the thickness of this pipe and the inherent strength that this pipe possesses.

Sluice Pipe is mainly used to handle water overflows and control rainwater runoff. This pipe is used to transport water under new or existing:

Sluice Pipe and Culvert Pipe | Structural Steel Pipe
  • Roadways
  • Driveways
  • Highways
  • Railways
  • Pipeline Laying

Used and Secondary Sluice Pipe

At Crestwood Tubulars, we supply a variety of types and sizes of secondary and used pipe for use as sluice pipe. Our used steel pipe generally comes from “take-up” projects of obsolete line pipe . It can also come from any surplus inventories of pipe. Secondary and surplus pipe is an ideal choice for sluice pipe because it offers the durability and strength you need while often providing a substantial cost savings over new galvanized corrugated pipe. Keep in mind when you buy used pipe you are helping in the recycling of this steel pipe product.

Crestwood Tubulars is a trusted supplier for a complete variety of sizes and grades of new and used steel pipe. We will clean and recondition any secondary or used pipe before selling it for use as sluice pipe. You can be sure that you are buying only quality steel pipe when you buy from Crestwood Tubulars. We take great strides to be sure that the pipe you receive will be up to your expectations and will do the job you are looking for.

Our Sluice Pipe Sale and Distribution Services

As a leading steel pipe supply and distribution company, Crestwood Tubulars sells and delivers new and used steel pipe for use as sluice pipe, culvert pipe and flume pipe. Our structural grade, used pipe is reconditioned and cleaned as needed before sale. We also offer several other processing services for sluice pipe including cutting or splicing pipe to your required length and applying special coatings to the outer diameter or inner diameter of sluice pipe. We can deliver your sluice pipe order directly to any worksite or plant across the country, and we will quote the delivered price of any product. To learn about our current selection of new and used sluice pipe or to place an order for any type of steel pipe or tubing, please contact our pipe sales department.

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